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NYSSC (NYS Sustainable Corp.) is a Green-Tech firm specializing in the integration of renewable technology systems that add revenue capabilities and or the conservation of capital by implementing a review of CRE portfolio and presenting structured opportunities; by way of either renewable resources of: solar, tri-gen, co-gen, fuel cell and battery storage with or w/outside asset investment collaboration to apply and offer a monetized return to property ownership.

NYSSC will also educate and inform on how to utilize these green-tech projects as a means to offset profitability taxes and the credit usage behind an applicable profitable business. Mostly, NYSSC is a facilitator, advisor, and the conductor assisting ownership' best interests towards a profitable integration of Green Tech, and the navigation to best structure and benefit the multiple potential collaborations associated with the project/s.

To perform diligence on potential Clean Energy Incentive Capital Investments
On Assessed CapEx property efficiency mechanisms
NYSERDA’s 10-year, $5 billion CEF (Clean Energy Fund) supports clean energy market development and innovation


Program Incentives, Clean Energy Solar Adoption and Project Management Curation Under the: 

NY-SUN Program

 SOLAR INSTALLATION projects for commercial and industrial companies, homes, incentive programs NY-Sun is the development of a sustainable, self-sufficient solar

industry in the State.  NY-Sun has multi-family buildings, small commercial,

not-for-profit and municipal buildings


Technical Assistance Program, Modeling, and Cost Analysis
 New Installation or Retrofits to Support Client Demands, Energy Cost Reductions, Towards Environmental Efficiency of Program and Project Management Curating:

CHP Program

(Combined Heat & Power)

Promotes installation of clean, efficient, and commercially available combined heat and power (CHP) systems up to 3 MW by way of pre-approved vendors and a catalog of system options.  Installations of custom engineered CHP systems from

(1 MW to 3 MW)



Energy Efficiency Administration, Procurement, Support and Management In Compliance -NYSERDA Leed Qualification and CapEx Conservation:




Geared towards the permanent energy efficiencies designed within new and highly

renovated buildings - designed and constructed in New York State.

The Commercial New Construction Program  -provides technical and financial support to improve the energy efficiency of new and substantially-renovated building projects








Under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is

New York’s strategy to develop a clean, resilient, and affordable energy system for all New Yorkers. This comprehensive effort sets New York on a realistic path to achieving its long-term environmental and economic development goals, including the Clean Energy Standard commitment that will require 50% of electricity to be sourced from renewable energy sources by 2030. Other components of REV include groundbreaking regulatory reform and leading by example through public investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy






Advocating and facilitating the engagement towards environmentally and economically sound government instituted, clean-energy programs -segueing the engagement of efficiency and a greener conservation adoption footprint. 

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Services directed towards the management, curation, and navigation associated

with the deployment of energy efficiency projects and NYSERDA/state-driven programs. 

Advisory representation to the ownership for the

commercial real estate community on Long Island.  

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