Commercial Sustainability 

Outreach Manager



Edward Lee is a young business professional with a history of environmental science and political action. He has built a base of knowledge through studying at Villanova University, where he received a bachelors degree in political science with a minor in environmental science. He has applied this information within two focus related internships. The first, with Citizen's Climate Lobby, a political action organization focused on building grassroots support for climate legislation. There, Edward had the opportunity to participate in the political process in both D.C. and Morocco at COP 22.


This desire to be involved in environmental politics has led to a second internship with the Earth Guardians, a youth-focused organization focused on international cooperation on climate issues, such as plastic pollution. 

Today, Edward conveys the importance, cultural necessity, and commercial education to the community directly responsible to alter the reduction of GHG emissions- the commercial building community.  Edward's efforts and outreach initiatives are what he considers his own contributions to adding to New York's Mandate of reaching 80% sustainable by 2050. "It is everyone's responsibility, says Edward, we can all make resilience and sustainability a way of the common day."