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Outreach Program

Development Director



Zahrie Ernst graduated with a degree in Environmental Economics with a specialization in Green Markets & Sustainability in 2016. During her studies abroad Zahrie has traveled to Denmark, England, France, Sweden, Italy, and Tanzania. While in Tanzania she conducted research studies on the poverty and its relation to the ecosystem services and climate. Since her return, Zahrie has engaged the sustainability industry by advocating clean energy resources to local communities, which otherwise would not have the access or the facilitation to adopt the clean energy incentives, rebates on their own.


Today, Zahrie is a vital and integral part of NYS Sustainable Corp, optimizing her diverse skills as an advocate, outreach and sustainability professional - fostering internal, external and the curation of sustainability goals for the commercial market. NYSSC is an impartial partner to the commercial market towards the adoption of customized energy conservation measures and Zahrie maintains steadfast on the progression of said market and the provocation and continued conversation of sustainability.


Zahrie interests include yoga, kayaking with her favorite dog, and spending time with family. While her goals continue to be additional travel to engage new cultures.